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The Universe has a funny way of constantly guiding you toward where you're supposed to be. After 7 years as the singer/guitarist/songwriter for the band Ghosts of Eden, I thought my career was done. So like anyone else does after a musical mid-life crisis, I moved to LA.

In LA, I discovered my love for writing, Pop & Pop-Country. After collaborating with amazing producers and writers like Shea Taylor (Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Frank Ocean), and Appu Krishnan (Christina Aguilera, WannaOne), I knew I still had some steam left in me.

In LA, I also fell in love with the healing ability of music. A close friend of mine, Indie Pop singer Barrett Crake, and I, joined the Art of Elysium where we would play originals (and let's be honest, mostly Disney covers), at children's hospitals all around southern California. No number of streams or Billboard charting singles will ever compare to how rewarding it was to dance like fools for those kids and their families.

I always loved music as a kid growing up in Staten Island, NY. I grew up with a ton of people in my house and my aunt left me her music when she moved out. What happened next, changed my life. Bands like The Cure and Duran Duran and Depeche Mode made me become obsessed with catchy hooks, licks and melody. I never thought I'd be welcomed into Nashville with open arms like I have been after a childhood of bodega hopping in the East Village, but after my first trip here, I knew this was home. 

I moved to Nashville in fall 2019 because of the strong sense of community we have here, and because of the incomparable talent that is everywhere you look. I am pushed to be better every day thanks to this town. So much better, that I started producing during quarantine. What started as something to pass the time while being stuck at home, became an obsession, and a place where I can take the entire world I create in my head when I write a song, and bring it to life.

I've been lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing artists and writers here in Nashville, and back in LA, despite COVID. And the fact that I get to wake up and work with writers, artists, industry leaders and producers signed to the likes of Big Deal, Demolition Music, Vibe City, Matt Lindsey, Spirit Music, etc. is something that tells me I am on the right path and that I am exactly where I belong.

Can't wait to see what the next journey is!

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